Presidents of TRFs and attorneys general defend punishment of invaders

The presidents of the six federal regional courts (TRFs) released a joint note of repudiation of the acts of violence and the invasions committed yesterday (8) by protesters in Brazilia.

The judges say they are confident that those responsible for the depredations will be “the object of a quick investigation and adequate reprimand. Federal magistrates reiterate their duty to – in the exercise of jurisdiction – combat crime and threats to the preservation of democracy, the object of a constitutional commitment to the Brazilian people”.

In the note, the magistrates reaffirm their commitment to the Democratic State of Law, with freedoms and fundamental rights, “which will only be respected and guaranteed with the independent and harmonious action of the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive”.

The National Council of Attorneys General of the Public Ministry of the States and the Union (CNPG) also said it trusts that the competent authorities will apply strict measures of investigation and punishment to those who promoted “regrettable and atrocious aggression and violence against the Brazilian people”.

In a note, the attorneys general reaffirmed the role of the Public Ministry as a defender of the Democratic State of Law and placed themselves alongside the powers of the Republic to prevent and repress “criminal and anti-democratic acts”.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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