Only Lula would win last election, says vice president

The real increase in the minimum wage of 1.5% – R$ 1,320 – granted by the new government was praised by the Vice President of the Republic, Geraldo Alckmin, at the first ministerial meeting, this Friday (6). Speaking at the opening of the meeting, Alckmin, who also heads the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Services, said that only Lula would win the dispute with then-president Jair Bosolnaro.

“We are grateful to the Brazilian people who gave a lesson in democracy and gratitude to President Lula. Only he would win this election. No one else would win this election, and gratitude we repay with work. So, the responsibility of each one of us here is enormous, in front of the president who gave us this confidence, this opportunity to work for the people and in front of the Brazilian people”, said the vice president.

Alckmin criticized the former president’s conduct in trying to win re-election. “In almost 50 years of public life I had never seen such use and abuse of public machinery as [o que] occurred in this last election. What could and could not be done was done to win the election. And resilience, the correct spirit prevailed: the people gave a lesson. The simplest and most suffering people, the most disadvantaged ”, he emphasized.

The press followed only the opening of the meeting. In a message published on Twitter early in the morning, the president said that “organizing the works” was the purpose of the meeting. “I am optimistic with the beginning of the government. We took the poorly maintained house, but we are already working, because our responsibility is very great with the Brazilian people. Good morning!”, He wrote.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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