Pelé is in a common room and has a stable condition, according to a medical bulletin

The medical bulletin for Pelé, 82, released this Wednesday afternoon (30) by Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, states that the former player was hospitalized yesterday (29) for reassessment of the chemotherapy treatment for the colon tumor. After the exams, and finding that Pelé is in full control of his vital functions and in a stable clinical condition, he was taken to a common room where he remains under observation.

The medical note is signed by geriatrician and endocrinologist Fabio Nasri, oncologists Rene Gansi and doctor Miguel Cendoroglo, superintendent director of Albert Esintein.

Earlier this afternoon (30), Kely Nascimento, one of the former player’s daughters, confirmed Pelé’s hospitalization in a post on Instagram.

“There is no surprise or emergency,” said Kely. And he added: “My parents (sic) are hospitalized, they are regulating medication”. “We really appreciate all the affection and love you convey!!”, said Kely, without revealing the name of the hospital.

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Reproduction Instagram/iamkelynascimento

In February of this year, the King of football was admitted to the Albert Einstein to undergo a battery of routine tests. At the time, he treated a urinary tract infection.

In September 2021, the King of Football underwent surgery to remove a colon tumor.

* Text updated at 3:18 pm to add information from the medical bulletin.

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From Brazil, by EBC News