Industry prices retreat 0.85% in October, says IBGE

The prices of industrialized products, when leaving the factories, fell 0.85% in October this year. The rate is measured by the Producer Price Index (IPP), which calculates the inflation of products leaving the factory and which was disclosed today (29) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

In September of this year, deflation had been even more intense, at -1.89%. As a result, the IPP accumulates inflation rates of 5.04% in the year and 6.50% in 12 months.

Of the 24 industrial activities surveyed, half showed deflation and the other half inflation in the month of October this year. Among the branches of industry with the most significant deflation rates are other chemical products (-4.58%), extractive industries (-3.44%), petroleum refining and biofuels (-1.40%) and food (-0 .41%).

Among the 12 industrial activities with inflation, the main influence came from vehicles, with a 0.38% rise in prices.

Analyzing the four major economic categories of industry, deflation was driven only by intermediate goods, that is, industrialized inputs used in the productive sector, whose prices fell by 1.66% in the month.

The other three major economic categories experienced inflation: capital goods, that is, machines and equipment used in the productive sector (0.78%), durable consumer goods (0.39%) and semi-durable and non-durable consumer goods ( 0.15%).

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From Brazil, by EBC News