Six people remain hospitalized after attack in Aracruz

According to updated information from the Secretary of Health of Espírito Santo (Sesa), six people remain hospitalized after the attack by a 16-year-old teenager against two schools in the district of Coqueiral, in Aracruz (ES), this Friday morning (25). . They are assisted in three hospital institutions.

Three teachers were sent to the municipality of Serra (ES), about 40 kilometers from the site of the attacks. The state of health of all of them is considered serious. With perforations in the body, the victims aged 38, 45 and 52 are undergoing surgeries at the Doctor Jayme dos Santos Neves Hospital.

Another teacher, 58 years old, is being treated in Vitória, at the State Hospital of Urgência e Emergência São Lucas”, about 65 kilometers from Coqueiral. With perforations in the lower limbs, she is in stable health and her condition is being evaluated by laboratory and imaging tests.

Also in the capital of Espírito Santo, the Nossa Senhora da Glória Children’s State Hospital assists two students in a very serious condition: an 11-year-old boy hit in the abdomen and a 14-year-old girl with a head injury and who is currently intubated. According to Sesa, a total of 16 victims were treated, with three deaths at the attack sites.


The teenager’s action began around 9:30 am and started at the Primo Bitti State School, where he broke the padlock on one of the entrances and fired shots into the teachers’ lounge, causing two deaths and leaving several injured. The shooter then got into a car and drove to the Praia de Coqueiral Educational Center, a private institution. There, he fired again, taking the life of a student and injuring other victims.

The Civil Police immediately launched an investigation that led to the apprehension of the teenager, the son of a military police officer, who confessed to the crime. It is already known that he used two weapons that were his father’s responsibility: a privately owned .38 caliber revolver and a .40 caliber pistol belonging to the Military Police. He also carried three porters. Governor Renato Casagrande confirmed that, at the time of the crime, the teenager was wearing an armband with a Nazi symbol.

Footage from security cameras recorded the incident. The shooter was wearing camouflage clothing and a skeleton mask, similar to the one used in photos on social media by one of the perpetrators of the massacre that took place in 2019 at the Raul Brazil State School, in Suzano (SP).

During the apprehension, the teenager did not explain to the Civil Police why he carried out the attacks. Delegate João Francisco Filho said he was calm and did not express regret. Preliminary investigation indicated that he was under psychiatric treatment. The Civil Police works with the hypothesis that the teenager did not have a defined target and that he may have acted under the stimulus of extremist groups, which organize themselves virtually inside and outside Brazil.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News